Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Jaded Gypsy! We are please to offer you and your customers beautiful and meaningful pieces, inspired by colorful beings and spiritually enriching travels across the world. We take great pride in building a prosperous and fulfilling relationship with you and your company. Please take a moment to read our wholesale policies below: 


Products purchased are required to be sold at Suggested Retail(double wholesale cost) or higher. Do not sell lower than suggested retail. Zip code protection and account approval will not be honored if items are sold under suggested retail and we will contact the next retailer in line. Items can’t be discounted within the first 3 months from delivery date to the retailer.

Online Sales:

Jaded Gypsy does not allow accounts to sell merchandise on Marketplace, Amazon, or through Facebook Buy-In Groups, etc.

Zip Code Protection: Accounts that would like to participate in our zip code protection program will be required to place a first minimum order of $3500 and reorder of $1500 monthly from each collection you would like to be zip code protected. Our Zip Code Protection program is per collection. i.e.: Gypsy Sak Collection, Harvest Moon Collection, and etc. Jaded Gypsy allows one retailer per zip code excluding cities with multiple zip codes. Wholesale locations must be five miles or further for multiple retail zip code location allowance. Cities with multiple zip codes, are allowed one retailer per zip code. Zip code protection is honored after minimum order is placed and a reorder is placed at least every 30 days. Our staff will contact you or your location before and after your zip code protection has expired. If a reorder is not placed after the second attempt to reach you, we will simply contact the next in line and your zip code protection will dissolve.


We do not offer refunds. Items may be repaired, replaced, or exchanged only in the case of damages or defects. Custom and/or modified items are not eligible for return. Upon arrival, please inspect all items immediately for defects, stains, etc. Items will not be accepted more than 7 days from the date of order's arrival. (Please note: all of our jewelry is handmade, so no two pieces are exactly alike.) Any return must be in the pre-pack six pack, broken packs will not be accepted. If a refund or an exchange is approved after the 7 day time period, a 30% restocking fee will be applied to the amount being refunded. All discounted items are ALL SALES FINAL. No exceptions. 


We accept most credit cards. Payment is made when the order is ready to ship. Jewelry payment is made before production begins.


Out of stock items will be back-ordered and will not be charged until they are ready to ship out.


Orders go out as we receive them. Call or email us to place an order. There is a $1000 minimum on first-time orders and no minimum requirements upon re-orders. Clothing comes in pre-packs of 6, mostly 3-S/M & 3-L/XL unless One Size. Accessories come in pre-packs of 6. We do not guarantee that items will still be available if you have accepted payment from or taken pre-orders from your customers prior to purchasing or receiving product.


Terms and conditions may change without prior notice.